Samsung galaxy watch region codes

When an OEM creates firmware for a smartphone it does so with a specific region in mind. This may be due to language barriers, national laws, local partnerships, etc. There are many reasons for companies to create region-specific and sometimes carrier-specific firmware for their smartphones and tablets.

Related : Dozens of premium Android apps go on sale every single day. Again, since the company is creating different firmware for different countries we need to know what ours is if we ever want to manually download the firmware images for our smartphone.

In actually, the company can sometimes breaks down these bigger markets into carrier specific firmware images as well. These carrier units all carry the same model number, but they have different CSC region codes since the company builds a specific firmware for wireless carriers in some countries. This is relatively easy and can actually be done in three different ways. There are likely more, but today I will be showing you three different ways to find out your Samsung CSC code.

If you own a Samsung smartphone, then it comes with a phone dialer pre-installed.

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These codes are found often in Android devices as a way to debug services or uncover information. For me, the above method worked. Samsung tends to change how to access these hidden boot modes, though. The end goal is to boot your smartphone or tablet into the Download Mode that displays a bunch of text on the screen. I would also like to provide you with a list of CSC codes for various regions and carriers around the world. It may be incomplete and things may end up changing in the future.

So if you notice something out of place then let me know in the comments section below. This can work for you, but you may end up loading carrier-specific features if you have any. There are some who want to do this and are more than capable of experimenting with it.

I think you should go the manual route of uninstalling bloatware with ADB commands instead of switching entire firmware regions which is what most people switch CSCs for. Still, you are allowed as long as the firmware is for your specific smartphone and that you are not trying to downgrade.

If you run into any issues with this guide though, please leave a comment to let me know. This will enable me to keep all Android tutorials as up to date as possible.

OXM is just a universal category of certain region codes. Your email address will not be published.

List of Samsung Galaxy CSC Country Specific Product code and region they belong to

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Table Of Contents. About The Author. Doug Hi! I began using Android back in with the Nexus 4 and instantly became entrenched in the custom ROM community.When it comes to Samsung Android phones, firmware update files and their exact names is very important.

So all the global changes to the core TouchWiz or Samsung Experience 8. Whereas, the CSC is more of a country or network carrier specific update log for features like wallpapers, wifi calling, VoLTE, sounds etc. However, for advanced users who like to root their Samsung device via latest TWRP recoverymay need to restore the device to complete stock at some point in order to update their device manually.

Like to a newer version of Android 7. For this, you will need the full stock firmware and flash it using the latest Odin tool specifically designed for Samsung phones.

So in order to download the exact firmware file for your device, you need to know the CSC version as well. It is unique for each country or region or network carrier. Here, we have created a list of all the CSC or product code along with the country or carrier it belongs to. We have basically categorized the Multi-CSC into 4 parts. Second and third consists of similar carriers in Canada and the Vodafone. Lastly, we have listed the global or international variants.

In order to find the exact CSC for your service from the below list, do a search of the country or carrier it belongs to. It is a long list. It will help you download the exact stock firmware file for your device. SamFirm will help you download the same directly from Samsung Servers. Take a look at the image below on how to do it. Once you have downloaded the latest firmware file, see how to install it via Odin and restore it to stock. So am I able to downgrade from Samsung Experience version 9.

Before and after the update, I was using Oreo. Hi, I have s7 edge from Vodafone South Africa.

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Is this safe? Please help… Thank you. It activates all the available bands for maximum compatibility.

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Galaxy Watch 3 vs Active 2 vs Galaxy Watch - Ultimate Smartwatch Comparison - Which Should You Buy?

Smart Decision Social Media Tizen. Unboxing Updates Watch Band. Watch Face Wearable App Weather. Tizen How to change region CSC on watch self. Just bought a galaxy watch to replace my gear s3. Unfortunately, my guess is this is originally not from the US as Samsung pay isn't on here. Every thread I can find on how to change the region of the watch points me back to a thread on xda but the link to the file is dead.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I tried that but it keeps saying I need jdk 8 or above. I keep trying to dl that but it says I have it already. So I an never launch sdb. Now I'm dl it. Anyway I'm lost as to what to do now. I extracted everything and when I try to run it, nothing happens. Follow the steps in the 5th post from the bottom. You do not have to use the XSA Aus region he mentions. You can pick whatever region you want after you complete the steps One thing it does not mention is to also Turn On Developer Options on the watch in the 2nd step.

So, you'll want to do that. Otherwise, follow the steps and it should work! I did this last week and no problems so far. Samsung Pay works just fine so far! I'm having such a hard time doing this. Got debugging on, Bluetooth off, wifi connected. Restart watch, run sdb 2. I'll keep trying later, but any tips?

Any way to tell what region my watch is current set at?

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And is there list of region codes so i know what to pick for the US? Unless it's just apparent, like USA. Update: just to confirm this does work on the Galaxy Watch Active, finally managed to get Samsung Pay working on my watch.

How'd you get it to connect? First be sure that your local firewall isnt blocking anything.Availability Bixby Combo Comparison.

Compatibility Deal Developer.


Fashion Advice Fitness Google Assistant. Rumors Samsung Pay Shipping. Smart Decision Social Media Tizen. Unboxing Updates Watch Band. Watch Face Wearable App Weather. I found this little trick and thought I'd share, just in case anyone else is in the same position.

The only issue that came with this was that Samsung Pay would not work due to it being in a different region. I saw Toby deals but I was really worried about the reviews so just ordered from Samsung with student discount.

Of course I will do my best. I've posted some tips in that thread on page 3 for getting it to work if you encounter issues. It doesn't appear instantly, it can take a few hours but you will get a prompt on the phone and watch when it's ready. It links through the Galaxy Wearable app eventually. Still hasn't appeared do you use a Samsung headset? Have you restarted the watch since doing it?

samsung galaxy watch region codes

If not, try that. Thanks so much for this! I bought my watch while I was in the states - I actually got Samsung Pay working fine with my British card, but Bixby defaults to fahrenheit which is kind of annoying, and I expect there are other subtleties that would get annoying down the line. After changing the region, Bixby uses the correct units and I didn't have to employ any hacks to get my card working if you enter as your zip code, that seems to work - so I guess at least my bank doesn't actually verify the address at all.

Hey, I tried it but I receive a message of failure in connecting to the Galaxy Watch when I run the "sdb connect" command. I have Windows 10 and I tried sdb versions 2. I can ping the watch, it is in debug mode and BT is off. I'm doing this from memory, but if I remember I had to disable my firewall as it was being a bit of a pain and then run install. Reboot your PC and then run sbd.

I managed to get it working : although my sister discovered that her bank is not supporting neither Apple Pay nor Samsung Pay :D. Brilliant news mate - sods law that happened!!! At least it's ready now, should she move to a different bank :. I made sure that I installed everything as admin and then rebooted.

After a reboot procedure worked :. Works with Nationwide for me. Hello, everytime I try to run Install. Help please :. I had the same problem and solved it by using the SDB 4.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.Are you sure you got the IP right? They are usually usually I only changed the WiFi to always on and it worked fine, by the way I have fixed IP set on my devices on the router but it shouldn't matter.

Edit: I just looked into it, try the IP with the port too like this example: Thanks it worked just fine. I think I missed reboot step which was causing the issue.

Don't know if that helped but it worked so thanks a lot.

samsung galaxy watch region codes

Model Name for instance Best Regards. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

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Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Thread Search. Suggested Apps. Navigation Gestures Customizable gesture control for any Android device. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives developers full control over their work.

Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! An early build of LineageOS October 7, Thanks Meter : 0. Thread Deleted Email Thread Page 1 of 2 1 2. I recently bought a Galaxy Watch 46mm variant and I wanted to change the region so it could support Samsung Pay as it's not available in India.

I came across the "sdb tool" that could potentially change the region but can't find the download link to it. Sorry, I am a total noob so I would appreciate if someone could help me out in changing the region so Samsung Pay could work.

Thank you in advance. Thanks Meter : 7. Join Date: Joined: Aug I'm on mobile so It's going to take me a moment to find the link now.Moreover, you can learn more about Samsung PIT files and the way to extract them. Whats are CSC codes? Can we change CSC on Samsung devices? For example, if you live in the United States and own a Samsung Galaxy phone, the CSC or product code of your device may be one of the following depending on the fact whether it is unlocked, open or carrier-branded.

If both these things match before sending OTA updates to your device. You can change it to tell Samsung servers that your phone is actually from a different country or region to receive official updates. The idea of changing the CSC of your phone drops in here. If you do not know the CSC or product code of your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet device, there are 2 ways to find it.

How To Get Samsung CSC Codes for All Region (Country Specific Codes)

The first 3 alphabets after your device model constitute the CSC code for your device see below. Note: If you have flashed a Multi-CSC firmware, your device will automatically switch itself to the Country Specific Code based on your network provider on the first boot.

It means it will take your phone to the status as it was when you purchased it.

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All data present on the internal storage will be wiped. Therefore, do not forget to backup your data before you proceed. If you own a rooted Galaxy phone or tablet, you can try the method described below to change the CSC. Now here are the country-specific codes or CSC code list for all countries in the alphabetical order. Just scroll down to find your country and check the CSCs mentioned for it.

This article was first published on 27 December We just updated it with more relevant info and new screenshots. Hi Mr. Rakesh i got S6 edge from Canada, which was with Wind company before. Its not showing LTE option and my mobile data isnt working properly. I read some article to change the CSC. Now what should i do. Thanks Varun.

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Rakesh first of all really gr8 of you on replying everyone for there issues. I read in one article that all s6 edge with wind are locked with CSC so thats what i needed to do. Please help if possible. You can get a carrier-branded device to use it for calling and using network data by other operators, but some settings and radio-bands still remain locked. Sir I need help sim network unlock pin. Thanks for this super helpful guide. I was wondering if this phone will work on all Canadian networks and be able to access the max possible LTE speed?

Does anyone have any info on this? Does this mean that my phone is not really factory unlocked and that someone unlocked it manually and put a F ROM?.

samsung galaxy watch region codes

The seller waits for my decision if I want to return it. You can use a third party from the play store to find out the CSC. Where did you fine your phone? Reinstall stock ROM of u r version of andriod.

samsung galaxy watch region codes

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